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Quebec Skilled Worker


The ENGLISH Proficiency (IELTS) minimum score of 5 and no RN Pre-registration required.

Nurse Profession is still on the priority list with equivalent points of 16. Québec Province is multicultural and welcomes immigrants from the four corners of the earth with their skills, language, culture and religion. Québec provides services to help them integrate and participate fully and completely in Québec society. If you will have a chance to land in Quebec as Permanent Resident, you can qualify to apply at any hospital as a Nursing Aide position with the salary of CAD13-CAD18/hr. In addition, since you are landed immigrant of Canada not only in Quebec, if you cannot establish yourself economically in Quebec, you are allow to move at any Province of Canada like Ontario and pursue your career ambition as a Registered Nurse.

Also included in Priority List are Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Bachelor in Civil Engineering, and Bachelor in Transportation Engineering and Diploma in Machinist.


The Québec Skilled Worker program stays more popular among candidates because it is more lenient in terms of the level of education and work experience requirements. Quebec Skilled Worker PRIORITY list for Permanent Residence PDF.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

In demand (Preliminary Processing – 49 points for single applicant and 57 for Applicant with Spouse, low proof of funds, no RN Pre-registration required, no offer of employment required). To qualify under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, applicants are required to demonstrate their willingness to immigrate in Quebec and their ability to become economically establish in Quebec.

Financial self-sufficiency

For the period from August 2013 to April 1st, 2015, single persons must have at least $2,956 at their disposal to meet their basic needs for the first three months following their arrival in Québec. In addition to this sum, they must have at their disposal an additional amount for each family member accompanying them (spouse or de facto spouse and children). For example, a household with two adults and two children under 18 years of age must have at least $5,185 at their disposal for the first three months.

Language Proficiency

English Proficiency (IELTS)

The English Proficiency (IELTS) minimum score of 5 in Listening, 5 in Speaking, 4 in Reading and 5 in Writing. The selection is in a pointing-system assessment. If you meet the selection points, requirements you will be grant the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) that allows you to immigrate to, and settle in Quebec.

French Language

If you don’t speak French you may still qualify, all you need to meet the passing points and prove to Quebec immigration that you are willing to learn French. French language is no longer mandatory if you are under the priority list receiving additional 16 pts like Nurses the given bonus points is good enough for you to proceed for your application without thinking for the French language proficiency. You may be advice to learn for a French language but without pressure and exam, it will be helpful for you as well once you landed in Quebec.


Quebec Immigration Dept. – $757 Main Applicant (+ $162 Each Family Member)

When candidate is approved by Quebec Immigration dept., they have to pay Federal Fee:
Federal Fee – $550 Each Adult (+$150 Each Child)
Landing fee on approval of visa – $490 Each Adult
CJC Canada Immigration Services Quebec Immigration Assistance Fee – (installment) please CONTACT US.

Sample for single person Expenses:

Financial self-sufficiency: $2,956 (does not require bank statement)

Quebec Immigration Dept. – $757

Federal Fee – $550

Landing fee on approval of visa – $490

Plane Ticket – one-way

Allied Quebec Immigration Assistance Fee – (installment) please contact us.

CJC Canada Immigration Services RN Pre-registration Assistance – (optional) this is done in advance of your moving to Canada in securing employment as a Nurse.

The complete processing time will take 18 to 24 months only. The success depends on how much you wanted to come and how persistent you are in coming in Canada as a nurse. When you have fully decided to apply please send us the scanned copy of completed Quebec Standard Form along with your most updated resume to be evaluated by our Authorized Quebec immigration Consultants FREE of charge, if necessary, you can also send your spouse resume.

You have to start the process immediately in order for you to understand what is required and to start working to gather these documents. Please note that based on new quota year (April 1, 2014) there will only be 6,500 Application that the Quebec Immigration will accept. Act now so you will not regret later.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don’t have IELTS score by assuming your English Proficiency (IELTS) as High , Moderate, Basic or None we will determine if you are qualified under Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Standard Assessment Form: (DOC)


Our experts will help you with preparing your application and a complete list of the documents required for TFW.

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