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We, CJC Immigration are the direct representatives for almost all major Colleges and Universities in Canada so, we can help you better as every school has different rules on how to apply. We make sure you apply early for your course of study. The application process starts at least six months in advance to a year depending on “University and College” so that the students don’t get into last minute glitches. We help you contact the college /university where you want to study. We will give you the right application forms and be able to tell you about:

  • the cost of applying;
  • tuition fees;
  • health insurance;
  • rent and how much it will cost to live in Canada;
  • Language tests.

We can guide you at every step from choosing the Institute to filling of the application.


OUR registered firm Allied and Immigration Services is legally authorized to counsel you and represent your application with Immigration Canada. CJC Immigration can assist you in applying for study permit widely known as student visa. We will help you in how to gather documents required to support your application, preparing and filling your applications etc.


Our experts will help you with preparing your application and a complete list of the documents required for TFW.

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